Episode 2 – some extras for you… (via Transmission – BBC Top Gear)

Posted: July 5, 2010 by smokerspack in Topgear, Uncategorized
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So that’s episode 2 watched, and it was great apart from the Star person, I don’t like politicians they shouldn’t get any air time unless they are about to save the world or something.
James reviewed a very pretty Boxter with a stupid roof, and there was a 911 Classic that you can’t buy, a great review though.
The best craic of the show was the 3 lads tooling around in the track day cars. Hammond had an M3, James in the Mercedes Cosworth and Jeremy in a Sierra Cosworth, the whole section made me laugh and that was the point of it.
In other highlights, The Stig rolled a Reliant Robin trying to do a lap, looked hard too. The most important news, James May who once upon a time wouldn’t run on TV, did a little victory dance, James May dancing like a dad, now that will be on You Tube.

Follow the link below, the lads in the Topgear office say they will be posting the missing minutes from the German film where the lads drive to Poland. Now I have to wait ’till next Sunday for more!

Episode 2 – some extras for you… Hello again. So there we are, the second show of latest, sensible series of TopGear. Which, as you might have noticed, isn’t really that sensible at all. We’d like to think, however, that there’s a moderately serious point within tonight’s old car challenge and it revolves around Jeremy’s surprisingly tidy Sierra. Yes, it was the most expensive of the trio and yes, it lost him the challenge as a result. But this should remind us that with second … Read More

via Transmission – BBC Top Gear


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