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Posted: July 31, 2010 by smokerspack in advice, Car news
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There has been so much news lately that I’m going to put it in one report, so here goes.

Nissan have opened the order books for the Leaf, “to make a reservation, customers simply need to go to and place their order. The quick and easy process requires a fully-refundable deposit of €232. These ‘early adopters’ will also be given an opportunity to test-drive Nissan LEAF thoroughly by December, at which point they will need to formally confirm their order.” There will also be a roadshow tour of Ireland where you can test drive the Leaf at the following locations:

–          Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin – Friday, 6th August 6th and Saturday 7th August

–          Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork – Friday 13th August

–          Headford Road Shopping Centre, Galway – Sunday 15th August

Come along and have a look, Smokerspack is trying to get their hands on one for review but we’ll let you know on that.

Volkswagen group have issued a warning over suspect brake pads, there has been a seizure of counterfeit pads, in a statement they said “An examination of the brake pads revealed that the potentially dangerous counterfeit parts failed to meet the required breaking friction levels. The test concluded that the fakes would not obtain R90 approval – the European legal standard for brake pads.”

There are some telltale signs to look out for if you’re buying pads in the near future:

The fake box label indicates that the product is a “Wasserpumpe” and not brake pads. Wasserpumpe is German for water pump

·         Printing error on fake box reads Fonnel Q but should read Formel Q

·         The backing plate of the fake pads are engraved with “TAXTE” or “TEXTA, whereas the genuine product are engraved with “TEXTAR”

·         No fitting instructions included in the box

·         Tamper proof box seal missing

·         The fake parts do not have a batch code and production date

·         The performance of the fake product is significantly lower than the genuine brake pads

If you think you might have gotten suspect brake pads then head to your local dealer and have them inspected, don’t take chances with brake pads folks, get them done properly.

Update on brake pad warning: It’s my understanding that your local VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat dealer will check your pads for free, this is unconfirmed by the press office but as soon as I hear anything I’ll let you all know.

Citroen have released pictures of their rally cars taking flight, the images are huge but worth a look, you’ll find them all here some great full size pictures for those of you who need a new desktop background.

  1. Gazza says:

    I heard GSF are selling these brake pads, now that’s well out of order putting peoples life’s at risk by selling crap parts !!!!!!!!

    • smokerspack says:

      You’re right Gazza, I don’t know about GSF but it’s very dangerous to take chances with brakes, everyone should have them checked at every service, make sure you’re getting the correct pads. Stay safe everyone

  2. cna training says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  3. Robbie says:

    Thanks for posting about the brake pads, I just got mine changed, I’ll go tomorrow and get them checked

  4. Gazza says:

    The vw website says their dealers are offering free checks which is good

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