About Smokers Pack

The Smokers Pack in a car is something that these days you have to ask for when buying a new car. It gets you an ash tray and cigarette lighter. I think everyone should order one, because you can keep loose change in the ash tray and plug your sat nav into the lighter and more importantly it’s about the only thing you get for free from a car dealer. Order it even if you don’t smoke. Smokers pack web site aims to review all cars on the road, both new and used.

Bob Flavin is the owner and Editor of the web site has been a car nut since being a very young child, as a teenager he could tell what car was coming down the road from the shape of the headlights at night. After an extended stay in the motor trade he was asked to write a review of a new car for a newspaper, he liked it so much he started to review cars for various web sites.

Welcome to the Smokers Pack.

If you would like to submit your car for review (any car) then get in touch. Also if you fancy yourself as a motoring journalist then write me a review and it might get published. There are no restrictions on the car you want to talk about, neither are there any restrictions on what you can say just no bad language. Use the email address to get in touch, or follow me on twitter.

  1. I have included your piece on does the bank own your car in our motoring section,can you give me the writers name for this article.

    Regards Ciaran.

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