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Evening folks, as you know by now I don’t report every bit of news that hits my inbox, instead I take it, read it and give you the best bits. I’ll leave the other sites to fight over the scraps we don’t bother reporting.
So here’s the important bits:

The pink complements George's eye colour

The First ever “Ireland Stands up to Cancer” gala charity ball took place in the new Convention Centre in Dublin on October 2nd 2010 and Fiat donated the brilliant little Fiat 500 1.2 pop which generated €30,000 in ticket sales and was won by Sally Anne Sherry from Ballsbridge in Dublin. There were some very famous faces there too which included Louis Walsh; Norma Smurfit; Aprés Match’s Barry Murphy and his TV presenter wife Flo McSweeney; Restauranteurs SallyAnne and Derry Clarke and Newstalk’s George Hook, pictured below alongside an appropriately pink Fiat 500 show car. All Proceeds to go to the following charities:

All Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research Group

Friends of St Luke’s Hospital

The Children’s Cancer Fund, Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin

The Marie Keating Foundation

Hats off to all that attended, there was approximately €250,000 raised in total on the night.

Still with Fiat, a huge congratulations goes out to the Fiat Yamaha Team, the Spaniard  rider Jorge Lorenzo won his first World Champion title in the MotoGp class. Fiat have been the official sponsors of the Yamaha team since 2007 and have now gotten a third laurel in a row, the other two were won by Valentino Rossi in 2008 and 2009. See Smokerspack isn’t all about cars (but it is the preferred subject around here)


The Passat Bluemotion, in red, obviously

Sunday Times journalist Gavin Conway took a standard Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion on public roads around Britain and France and got 1527 miles from one tank of fuel, this equates to 89.83mpg which is amazing considering the this is a family sized saloon, to top it all the Guinness World Records Organisation officially recognising this as a world-beating distance! We’ll be putting the Golf Bluemotion to the test in November, expect swearing when we have to drive like dull people, I mean economically…

Aston Martin

A few weeks ago we showed you pictures of the Cygnet, the baby Aston based on the Toyota IQ. Well Aston have announced that they are to go into production with the little car. Not only that but they will tailor fit the car to your specifications. I can’t wait to see the 6ltr V12 version! Only joking, but it would be cool though, hmm where’s my measuring tape?

Car sales news from the SIMI

€129 million increase in Government revenues due to scrappage scheme, €43m in VAT and €86m in VRT. Renault are the big winners so far for their excellent deals, and will push ahead with the commercial scrappage.

The market share for each car makers break down like this:

Make Total % share  
RENAULT 2477 18%      
FORD 1839 14%      
SKODA 1407 10%      
VOLKSWAGEN 1286 9%      
TOYOTA 1265 9%      
KIA 830 6%      
HYUNDAI 761 6%      
OPEL 750 6%      
NISSAN 683 5%      
PEUGEOT 451 3%      
FIAT 417 3%      
MAZDA 373 3%      
SEAT 367 3%      
MITSUBISHI 113 1%      
CITROEN 112 1%      
SUZUKI 99 1%      
CHEVROLET 78 1%      
VOLVO 73 1%      
HONDA 71 1%      
AUDI 58 0%      
BMW 40 0%      
MINI 24 0%      
MERCEDES-BENZ 10 0%      
PERODUA 10 0%      
SUBARU 9 0%      
ALFA ROMEO 6 0%      
LEXUS 3 0%      
DAIHATSU 2 0%      
SAAB 1 0%      
Overall 13,615 100%      

Well that’s it for now folks, coming up is a test review for our favorite drivers car the Alfa MiTo, if you missed it watch the video here. Also to come the Citroen C3 on test this week.


Car Sales

The BMW 5 series has become the top selling car in Ireland, yes the luxury diesel has beaten the odds and out sold the Yaris, Shane Teskey Director of said that “With 349 vehicles registered last month (all of them diesel) the 5 Series outsold the runner up (Toyota’s Yaris) by 151 units. The figure represents an impressive 10% of all diesel cars registered in Ireland in August and proves that luxury cars are still on the shopping list for Irish car buyers.”

Other interesting statistics for last month include:

  • 5,315 New Cars were registered in August – up dramatically on last years August total of 2,347
  • The Top Selling Make for August was Toyota with 687 registrations
  • Over 51% of registrations were in Band B continuing the trend of eco-friendly motoring
  • Over 68% of cars registered were Diesel models
  • Black and Silver are still the most popular colours with 26% and 24% of registrations respectively
  • The leading county for registrations was Dublin with 1,987 registrations (37%) with Leitrim recording just 26 (0.5%) new cars sold.

You can get all the stats from


The lid has been lifted on the DS4, the tall crossover type car will be shown at the Paris Motor show, if you’re not going to that here’s some pictures.


Toyota Auris 1.4 petrol 2009

Posted: August 9, 2010 by smokerspack in Family car, Hatchback
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Petrol power; it’s getting rare to find a newer car on a dealer forecourt that runs on the stuff, due to the Irish Government bringing in car tax based on Co2 emissions most people bought a diesel car from 2008 on. Instead of changing to one tax system the government decided to have 2 kinds of tax, any car registered before 2008 is on the old engine size tax. Nevertheless today here stands a 2009 Toyota Auris 1.4 petrol with a Co2 output of 163g/km. This is the last of the true 1.4’s as Toyota has released the low Co2 1.33 petrol, with only 139g/km. The Auris replaced the very dull but bulletproof Corolla hatchback; the Auris is a much nicer car in every respect, a purposeful tough look exterior and high roof line makes it look impressive.

The dash layout is clear and functional looking, the centre console is meant to have been inspired for the flying buttress of Notre Dame, which means the gear stick is set high and there’s storage underneath. The handbrake is set at rather an odd angle, it’s near vertical but you soon get used to it, the seating position is great, I seem to be able to get comfortable no matter where I put the seat, this is the Terra model so it’s just the basic equipment, it’s a little strange to find nothing on the steering wheel other than the horn. I also like the way the dashboard lights brighten when you start the car, it’s a nice touch, and it also means in bright sunlight you can see the dials.

The back seat is decent for the size of the car, there’s plenty of leg room and just about room for three adults. The 354ltr boot has a good load space and opening, but there is a big enough lip to get over.

The 1.4ltr 97PS engine won’t exactly get the pulses racing with a 0-60 time of 12.7sec but it will get you where you want to go. At low speeds the steering is light and easy to control, the high mounted gear shift means you don’t mind flicking from one gear to another, the gear leaver does slightly get in the way of the air controls, it’s not a big problem just an annoying feature. At motorway speeds the engine does drone a bit, it only seems to happen at 120kph and above, it does feel a little light in the steering wheel when cruising, there’s very little wind noise and plenty of comfort. On the back roads the suspension does a good job of keeping the bumps to a minimum while offering plenty of grip. There’s little sign of under steer, but there’s little enough horse power to pull away from the corners so you’ll never be going fast enough to get any over steer. There’s an arrow on the dash that tells you when you change gear, it’s obviously set for economy because when I obeyed it I felt like the car would cut out the revs were so low. Around the town the Auris is great; plenty of room and good seating position mean visibility is enough without being too bright in the cabin.

The Toyota Auris Terra is a good honest car, there are no frills and it’s a little short on horses but as a fundamental piece of equipment I can’t fault it, decent comfort, size, boot space. Toyota is still a good badge in Ireland; it has always been reliable despite some recent hiccups. At €12,500 for a 2009 Auris you can’t go far wrong.

You can see the car I drove on Carzone, you can test drive it yourself in Downey’s Auto Stop Portlaoise, just be sure to mention the review here.